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How Readsters supports your organisation and its employees

 Organisation: The most valuable resource any organisation has are its people. Although increasingly difficult to nurture, their knowledge, enthusiasm, loyalty and innovation are what can keep an organisation ahead of the game. A benefit that is tailored to their needs and preferences will engender goodwill, loyalty and positive collaboration.
 * Employees : The Readsters’ unique, personalised and free physical book-loan service offers employees …..” and their families access to a wide range of professional and personal-interest publications and videos. This way Readsters supports their holistic development and their wellbeing .

Because through Readsters there is easy, cost effective, environmentally friendly and unrivalled access to thousands of books, videos and publications.
Because our personalised service means your employees are intelligently offered the most relevant and recent materials and videos according to their personal and professional preferences.
Because existing learning habits are used, Readsters actively supports organisational training and personal development programs, delivering access to quality publications which make a positive difference to any organisation's human capital.

Because they are tangible, portable, distraction-free, easily accessible and more popular than ever as a source of quality learning and enjoyment (the market and demand for books is growing at unprecedented levels).



Calculate your company's employees productivity and engagement savings

According to Gallup research, engaged employees are up to 22% more productive and are 87% less likely to leave. Employee engagement (ROI) Calculator


CSR Advantages through Readsters

Not only boosting profits and PR but also great for customer and employee relations.

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